I think it might be time to come out of my “silent period” and actually try and describe how this government and their policies affect us as a family, and have been affecting us for the last year and more. I can’t promise it will be coherent, or indeed anything more than sporadic and with little or no analytical content. We’ve been living on blind (no pun intended) frustration for so long that there is, to be honest, little other than raw emotion…and why can’t that be enough? Mine is a story that has been repressed as it seemed too complex, too impossible to describe and didn’t feel worthy of being listened to. It’s S who has the problems, and not me. But of course that isn’t true. What affects him affects all of us close to him, and the same is true of many more like us.

I would like to have a little direction again, now that my thoughts are becoming a little clearer. This blog is a step towards that.


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